Lenovo Y540: Elite choice for a gamer

Lenovo Y540 Review: This is the rescuer Y540 & a simple Y545. These two may be relatively loud devices on the Internet, and the reason is quality, reliability, trust & performance. The two of them are very popular, and perhaps their popularity is due to pricing as well.

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Lenovo Y540

The hardware configuration is also very similar, but they are very different. It’s different than what we think. When comparing parameters, we go straight to the topic. If you are interested in them, Y540 is better than Y545. I will explain why, later, I prefer the design aesthetics of Y540. Looks very concise. This is not the only reason I like it. It has a more condensed design.

Lenovo Y540
Lenovo Y540

I think in 2020, more people will prefer this design style. Lenovo Y540 is such a simple but powerful gaming notebook. This is what Y540 presents to us. The Y545 gaming laptop looks like a more classic gamebook. The design is more angular. Have this luminous Lenovo logo & the overall shape and design aesthetics, reminiscent of old games such as Y7000. One advantage of the Y540 Lenovo gaming notebook is the metal aside.

It is aluminum alloy surface material, and Y540 is plastic material. They both work well, and I wouldn’t say that the aluminum alloy shell is more durable. If it is said, it is the 545 gaming laptop shaft design. The shaft is centered in this area. We have seen this design in Lenovo’s previous book & brought some criticism to some old models. When you open and close the screen, you shouldn’t reverse this place. This will reduce the service life of the shaft, that’s why I prefer 540 to 545.

Because of its heat dissipation performance, you may think they have the same heat dissipation design, right? They have similar body designs. There is much information or false information on the Internet. These two have the same heat dissipation performance, and I also saw some people say 740, Rescuer 740 has the same heat dissipation design. They are entirely different from each other, Although similar, very different, and for the CPU and graphics card cooling. 540 is much better than 545.

Let me open the book and explain why If you look inside, you will find the 540 heat pipe. It is a dual heat pipe that extends from the CPU and the graphics card. Then dissipate the heat through the fan. There is a similar design on 545, but you will observe that the heat pipe only emits heat at the rear. There is no heat sink on the side like 540.

Lenovo Y540 Cooling System

These differences in specifications for heat pipes and fans, resulting in a big difference in overall heat dissipation performance. If you use it harder, the 545 will be easily down-converted. 540 does not, it performs very well. You can see there is a memory solid state drive 2.5 inch SATA hard drive. The wireless card and battery. The battery is a bit small.

Battery Life:

This is a 57wh battery. This year’s Lenovo launched a bunch of devices that use the same specifications. It’s about 3 hours of battery life, but this is not surprising. I think a lot of manufacturers have chosen similar battery life, so this is how it lasts for two and a half to three hours. There is also a 250 nit screen. Okay, let’s discuss the other parts.

Interface part:

The interface is quite rich and includes most of the power interface are placed on the back of the notebook. Remove everything from the side; make it look more concise. The USB-C interface does not support Thunderbolt 3. If you want to be, sorry it doesn’t, but at this price, this practice is prevalent Ok, put this together because I have nothing to say about Y545. It looks cool, and I believe some people like its design. It looks great, but for me, I think for most of you, you should choose 540 instead of 545.

Y545 Keyboard/keypad

Here we have the keyboard. The typing experience is a bit strange because of the small numeric keypad. Everything stuffed into a 15-inch Y545 keyboard mold, but after getting used to this arrangement, it’s not bad. Tactile feedback is okay, it does take time to adapt. At least for me, in terms of other devices, even a higher version than this one, the rescuer Y740. The conventional arrangement is adopted because it does not have a small numeric keypad.

I think many people like the numeric keypad & can adapt to this keyboard arrangement insufficient time. The touchpad is at the bottom equipped with my favorite physical buttons and with windows positioning driver. Generally speaking, the trackpad is good, the keyboard should be after adapting, it is also very smooth. For this screen, this model has a 144Hz screen option, and if you buy this device, I highly recommend Upgrade to a 144Hz screen if you have sufficient funds.

This is a way to a better experience, its hardware performance and I found that at a price of about $ 1,000. It takes a lot of price increase to buy 144Hz screens If it’s like an increase of $ 200, almost 20% of the original price. It does bring a better experience when you have such a silky screen. The game runs well on it.

The price/performance ratio of this notebook is also excellent. You can run all 3A masterpieces with a high frame rate and high quality. The speaker is at the bottom. It doesn’t sound shocking, but I don’t overestimate it considering the price. The camera is at the bottom of the screen, and I think most people don’t like this kind of design. I don’t like it either, but I don’t think it hurts because I don’t use a camera in the gamebook. I want to say a little bit about fan control and noise. The fan is sufficient, and the heat dissipation effect is perfect.

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