Lenovo Gaming Laptops

Lenovo Gaming Laptops 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are a true gamer, then you should have a laptop that is packed with all the features and requirements that you need. Obviously, there wouldn’t be any option in gaming. So if you demand perfect performance, I would like to introduce you to the latest brand Lenovo. These laptops include the best gaming laptops in the gaming world and you will love to make them your choice. Check out the 2021 best Lenovo Gaming Laptops list, you should find a lightning-fast, awesome machine within your budget range.

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Lenovo Gaming Laptops

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1. Lenovo Legion Y540 – Overall Best Lenovo Gaming Laptop 2021

Lenovo Legion Y540 15 is an amazing creation for gamers. It accomplishes with the 9th generation processor along with GTX 1650 unit in tandem to upkeep the technology with the introduction of the quad cores of the 9th generation. It is an embodiment deal for those who pursue a strict budget. They will find a kindred spirit in the latest version of Lenovo Legion Y540. You can get the freshest holdings with the confederation of windows 10 and 9th generation processor with 4k resolution along with mesmerizing video graphics to boot.

These fascinating video graphics are achieved through the revolutionary RTX platform, and through the technology of NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture. To achieve a realistic graphic level, the laptop is screened with NVIDIA touring architecture that utilizes ray-tracing to render in-games. The processor of the laptop is an intel-core i7 based on LG 1156 core i5/i7 central processing unit for desktops. However, the clock momentum of the CPU is relatively low. The CPU is only purposeful for large laptops. Well, that’s not a big deal!

Lenovo Gaming Laptops
Lenovo Gaming Laptops

The display screen is 15-16 inches in size with an enormous variety of products. It weighs 2.3 kg in all. The internal storage of the Lenovo Legion Y540 is 256 GB with 1TB, 720rpm. The memory of the laptop is 8192MB, DDR4 2666. It consists of a 3 cell battery that is of lithium-polymer.

The webcam is of HD result with 720p and the operating system is Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit. This laptop is indeed a good deal for gamers. On the list of best Lenovo Gaming Laptops 2021 which included smart, slim, super-fast machines for you, this is a special one.

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2. Lenovo Legion Y740 – Lightweight Lenovo Gaming Laptop 2021

Lenovo Legion Y740 is a 15.6-inch laptop that is the best deal for gaming as well as for other performances. It weighs 1.9kg with an iron-grey aluminium chassis. The laptop is equipped with 300 nits full HD or an ultra HD 500 nits 15.6-inch display panel that has a 60 Hz refresh rate. Lenovo Legion Y740 is a 10th generation Core processor H series along with the integrated graphics accompanied by mostly of 32 GB DDR4 memory and also with up to 1TB PCle SSD.

Y740 uses Lenovo’s new cold front 2.8 cooling system that incorporates a vapors chamber along with four fans in order to make sure that the CPU toils at full steam all the juncture. Pertaining to the connectivity bureau of Lenovo legion Y740, the laptop encompasses Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, also an SD card reader along with the 3.5mm jacks for headsets. Lenovo has enacted to get rid of the USB Type-A port as well as of GbE in order to make the laptop exceptionally thin. Still, the design decision makes sense since the notebook is meant to be paired with the Legion BoostStation that contains USB A as well as GbE connectors.

According to Lenovo, the aspect that sets Lenovo Legion Y740 apart from a non-gaming laptop is its TrueStrike keyboard along with ergonomic keys and also a special coating in order to ensure long term durability. It is classically designed in a way to make it susceptible to connect to the Legion BoostStation exterior GPU box with two ports on the left side of the laptop and two on the back so it is easier to get it connected. And finally, the laptop has an audio subsystem of dual speaker Dolby Atmos supporting subsystem. Don’t be shaky, check premium Lenovo gaming laptops 2021 online, buy from the official site!

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3. Lenovo Legion Y520 – Best Lenovo Gaming Laptop under $1000

Lenovo Legion Y520 is featured with the delinquent generation of processors. Y520 sports up to a 7th generation intel core i7 CPU. You can relish the latest gaming rendition and latest online gameplay with a 12% accumulation in productivity as compared to previous and a 19% accumulation in web rendition via a dedicated media engine. The Y520 appears with NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050/1050 GTI or AMD Radeon RX 560 graphics that allow you to dabble with the game smoothly and with capable frame rates.

So, entourage a cargo in a first-person shooter knowing this gaming laptop conveys all the accomplishment you need. Lenovo Legion Y520 accomplishes with 512GB PCle SSD storage that is exemplary to curtail boot-up time and in-game loading or a 2TB HDD storage that is perfect to store the entire gaming collection for you. Or you can furthermore take an option for hybrid storage. The Legion Y520 accomplishes with 4W Harman speakers with Dolby Audio Premium. It is custom-tuned to deliver dividend quality audio for all content and to give you truly impressive gameplay.

Moreover, you can handily set up your settings by customizing them like audio, cooling, and network emphasis, active keys, so that you can concentrate on your gameplay. Furthermore, when you get your engagement on the game, start recording your game highlights to replay or upload the videos on the streaming sites. Not only this, but the aspects packed in this laptop will also astound and fascinate you to get this beast machine.

As it comes up with a 3 cell battery that labours you to perpetual 4 hours, the body is smudge-resistant so you can haul it anywhere you want. Moreover, Lenovo Legion Y520 weighs up to 2.5kg retaining the memory of 16GB DDR4, and the beasts pack all the elements and stun in black. It is indeed an elegant commodity to use.

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4. Lenovo Idea Pad L340 – Lenovo Gaming Notebook 2021

Lenovo Idea Pad L340 is always the reasonable choice to appoint for gaming. You will undoubtedly enjoy the first-hand real power and seamless play with L340 as it is equipped with an intel core i5 processor, next-generation NVIDIA Geforce graphics, and jaw-dropping Dolby audio. Your champion machine keeps you optimistic and boosts your enthusiasm to knock down your gaming opponents. The sleek and shiny body enhances the beauty of the Lenovo Idea Pad L340.

To know more about the internal and external features, the display of L340 is 15.6 inches comprising the pixels of 1600×1200 pixels and the max screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. The RAM is 8GB DDR4 and the memory acceleration of 2400 MHz. You can get the outset and outshoot with Idea Pad L340 due to the 9th generation Intel core i5 processor. In this particular list of best Lenovo Gaming Laptops, that would be a better choice in an affordable budget.

You can also subdue the titles with the fastest, smoothest, and more efficient gamely with the latest NVIDIA Geforce graphics. The stunning 15.6-inch display bestows you stunning full HD IPS display the result with 1920×1080 resolution impact. Moreover, hardwired is advanced Dolby audio technology in every Idea Pad L340. So you can put up with your gaming experience to another level.

The laptop lets you shift gear instantly by gaming in quick mode or working on quick Mode. So, you can obtain all the power and accomplishment you need to test your wits against the very best. The full-size keyboard and the slaughtering look encourages you to bring out the gamer within you. I recommend you to try this perfect deal for the very initial time to get a super and flawless rendition.

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5. Lenovo Idea Pad Y700

Lenovo Idea Pad bestows discreet graphics along with a comprehensive multimedia experience, also giving you quad-core power, full HD display, surround sound, and subwoofer when the pursuit heats up, but there is nothing to worry about as there is a Y700 thermal cooling strategy so that your gaming experience will always be a good one. The Idea pad Y700 conveys an immersive gaming audio impact with the JBL speakers and Dolby home theatre with entirely substantial sound so you can be lost in the gaming expedition.

When you’re in the warmth of your gaming, there is no prospect of underperformance. Lenovo Idea Pad Y700 is fueled by the latest intel core quad-core processor, the laptop boasts the frigid power that you need to vanquish anything. Furthermore, thermal fans keep the system cool when the action intense heat. Y700 gives you the projectile to succeed every step of the way with awesome graphics, firepower, and performance-boosting options.

There is a backlit keyboard of the laptop that provides two levels of brightness control while setting the mood for another upright encounter. The display screen of the laptop is 15.6 inches with 1920×1080 resolution. The processor is intel i7-6th generation 6700 HQ quad-core with the graphics card GeForce GTX 960M along with the 4GB dedicated video memory. As mentioned above, the keyboard is backlit with a 720p webcam on the laptop. The storage of the laptop is 1TB HDD and 16GB of RAM DDR 4. The laptop runs the Windows 10 Home 64-Bit.

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6. Lenovo Yoga C930 – Best Lenovo Gaming Laptop under $900

Lenovo Yoga C930 comes up with the pinnacle audio quality. This is because of the high-quality audio that is three-dimensional and the sound appears to trickles around you with depth. The audio consists of two speakers that deliver clear audio quality without any superfluous noise. Moreover, the display quality you will obtain will be like never seen before. The display of 4k impact with the help of Dolby Vision bestows you the extensively real colour shades that are vibrant and real colours. Lenovo Yoga C930 is designed to stun all the spectators.

Formulated with premium aluminium, it is polished two times for an impressive appearance. Moreover, high exactitude drills are also used in forming up the aluminium. The Garaged pen is all there with the laptop that enables you to materialize the ideas in your mind right precisely when they arise to mind. You will find this pen in the chassis of the laptop. The main insecurity everyone has is about the webcam.

Every user fears to get captured unwillingly through the webcam that occasionally becomes hilarious also. Well, the designers of Yoga C930 comprehend in such a way that they have formulated a TrueBlock privacy shutter system on the laptop.

This incredible technique provides you with an ultra privacy system so that you can slide the shutter whenever you want to use the camera and then slide it back when you don’t need it. Quite simple and secure isn’t it? Well, that’s not all yet, you can find a voice sensor system in the laptop that’s named Cortana. This facilitating sensor acts according to your voice.

If you need a tranquil alarm like the playlist to make you leave the bed for work, you can create your own list on the laptop that will rouse you at a certain time.  Still not willing to leave? You can answer your voice assistant Cortana that will shut it off right at once. Don’t waste your money & time, check Lenovo Gaming Laptops 2020 list and select a perfect machine.

The microphones can sense even from a 4 meters distance so you don’t need to be troubled. Now that’s what you want when you’re lazy! Then why are you missing the chance to buy this friendly machine? That is packed will all stunning specifications like the graphic quality is HD 620 that is enough to relish you and the storage is 1TB PCle SSD. The OS that runs the system is Windows 10 and the processor is up to the 8th generation. All these make a good offer for you.

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7. Lenovo Idea pad S145 15 – Lenovo Slim Gaming Laptop 2021

Lenovo Idea pad S145 15 is a promising choice to get in a fixed allocation. The laptop weighs 1.85kg with a profile of 19.9mm. The inclusive body is made with plastic with some flexibility so you can wiggle the body to some extent. This plastic body is though not sturdy at all, yet it recoups the laptop from any kind of scratches. This quality conceals the non-the sturdiness of the laptop. The touchpad of the laptop works accurately and regarding the laptop lid, it bends quite nicely that rewards a plus point rather than the bezels.

Now if I examine the display quality, Idea pad S145 contains a 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The volume of the laptop occurs to be clear and good so you can relish the sounds in your gaming setting. Moreover, I was surprised to see the U-shaped keys on the keyboard though they will be a bit tough to use at the inception of your usage. In this list of Lenovo Gaming Laptops, I highly recommend this machine.

Similarly, Idea pad S145 packs up the RAM of 8GB SD and the graphic processor is AMD Radeon R4. Now the thing that matters the gamers most of all is the battery life and the operating system. The OS of Lenovo Idea pad S145 is Windows 10 and the battery timing is 5.5 hours when fully charged. So you can enjoy the gaming non-stop.

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8. Lenovo Idea pad 110 – Best Lenovo Gaming Laptop under $500

Lenovo Idea pad 110 favours those who want the best gaming experience but don’t want to expend money on buying an invaluable one. This 15.6-inch laptop packs all the precious features and functions like attractive display, reliable processing, consisting of good internal memory, and impressive graphics. The Wi-Fi connectivity remains flawless all the time with a dazzling speed of 802.11 a/c. This speed assists in maintaining the downloading, browsing, and streaming speed so you can enjoy the best gaming time on the go!

What a gamer needs while gaming is comfortable to play. Idea pad 110 occurs to be exactly what a gamer craves for. The keyboard is unframed that enables you to move your fingers freely on the laptop without a single break in the flow. The keys are ultra-supportive and comfortable to press. The improved hinge design supports you better with a smooth 180-degree action.

Have you ever been confused about your favourite capture? because there requires to be a minor stand-in in the background and you don’t want to delete it? Well, you can alternate whatever you want in the picture because the Lenovo photo Master 2.0 packs up all the editing tools to modify your shots. Moreover, there is the McAfee LiveSafe free software that keeps all your digital input secure through the cloud as well as locally so you never need to be worried about your personal data.

You can give it a try for free 30 days before installing the paid software on your beast laptop. This is an additional yet powerful plus point. Counting overall, the Lenovo Idea pad 110 is the prominent one among the top best Lenovo gaming laptops that pack the OS of Windows 10 with a webcam of 0.3 MP with an internal memory of 4GB DDR3 and the storage of 500GB HDD.

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9. Lenovo Idea pad 330 – Best Lenovo Gaming Laptop under $700

Lenovo Idea pad 330 is a splendid creation packed up with all the dispositions a gamer may love to have. It comes up with huge storage so that you can keep all your data on the laptop without any fear of a limited depository. The Intel Octane memory of 16GB functions as a cache buffer between and CPU and the hard drive. While the writing speed remains 150MBs. Though the reading speed is of 930MBs.

Now what I found in the fundamental features of the laptop is that the OS of the laptop that is obviously Windows 10, follows the starting pattern of Windows 7, however, it packs up new features as well. The battery functions well for up to 7 hours back to back.
The display screen of the Idea pad 330 is slim with the glare protection feature and it comprises a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. And what’s more, the 4GB DDR4 RAM along with the intel core 8th generation processor works flawlessly to perform all the system chores.

Lenovo Idea pad 330 comprises Intel HD 620 that enables you to get a kick out of heavy gaming whether you’re playing online or offline. The laptop is quite portable as it weighs only 2.2kg so you can effortlessly place it in your lap. The sleek-looking body stuns in white colour which creates a fresher look. Furthermore, the SATA hard disk of 1TB revolves at a speed of 5400 RPM. The webcam enables you to record high-quality videos just in the same way as you are viewing everything with your own eyes. So this is a fully functional, multi-features packed laptop that is one of the best discretions to have for a gamer.

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10. Lenovo Idea pad 130S

Lenovo Idea pad 130S is a beautiful innovation among all other gaming series. This innovation is 11.6 inches in size with stunning features to inspire game enthusiasts. Idea pad 130S kicks up the starting speed of the system with the help of 64GB of flash memory. It is a good option for mobile and other devices if you’re using them along. The laptop slays in a mineral grey colour.

This slaying laptop gives you an incredible experience of surpassing the latest technology with ease in the S mode operating system. Moreover, when you will swap the laptop, you will obtain 1 year of office 365 subscription along with the knack of 1TB of cloud storage. You will get fully installed applications of Office. Sounds fantastic! Now let me tell you about the display of this device, Idea pad 130S comes up with a display of 1366×768 HD resolution. The quality of the display is awesome with an attractive colour result.

The processor of Idea pad 130S is Intel Celeron up to 2.60GHz. The RAM is 2GB DDR that runs all the applications all the time smoothly without interlude. Lenovo Idea pad 130S is sole of 2.54lbs of weight that makes sure for you to take it anywhere you yearn. The keyboard of 130S is doper friendly to make the gamer comfortable in typing faster and steadier.

The touchpad of the laptop is smooth and touch-sensitive, ultra-responsive while it doesn’t contain the buttons on it. The speakers of 130S are of stereotype while the battery works continuously for up to 8 hours with no break and no heat up issues. Now, this is what is called a true gaming laptop.

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FAQ Related to Lenovo Laptops:

Question: Is Lenovo a good gaming laptop?

Answer: Yes, the best answer would be “yes” these gaming laptops are awesome in quality, performance, sounds, and their outlook is great. Lenovo’s gaming laptop shapes are very beautiful and attractive. Another feature of theirs is that they can be handled very easily and are very easy to move from one place to another. You can buy it without any hassle.

Question: How to download games on a Lenovo laptop?

Answer: Gaming laptops are only made for high-performance games, so downloading the game is not difficult. You can also get free game downloading software from the Internet and their pad versions are also available. It is specifically designed for the games only and in this, you can download & play all kinds of heavy games.


I have found all of them quite competitive from one another in features and stylistic qualities as Lenovo is never an exception in ultra production. These Lenovo gaming laptops are admired by competent gamers all over the world. So which one is your choice then?

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