Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive? Secrets Unleashed

The modern age belongs to modern inventions, technology & it’s the implementation in the industry. They are becoming the most important part of our life, isn’t it true? I think most of us will answer it “Yes”. 2020 Laptop buying Secrets Unleashed here at needs guide.

Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

Here are the most important components of any gaming laptop which cost you high;

  • Graphics Cards.
  • RAM.
  • Cache Memory.
  • Internal Storage.
  • Long-life Battery.
  • UHD 4k display.
  • Processor ratings.
  • Built-in sound system.
  • Best quality mouse & keyboard. (built-in)

After searching for some data about expensive gaming laptops, I am going to relieve the basic & important reason for being so expensive. Before proceeding to this topic, take a look at the laptop buying guide 2020, it may play a vital role in buying a gaming laptop. Do you have a budget issue? then don’t worry about it and look at 10 best Asus gaming laptops 2020 and select one of them.

Top 10 Best Asus Gaming Laptops

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I am confident, your laptop buying problem is solved up to 90%, if you are still confused and wants to know “Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?” check out this below in detail.

Operating System?

Is laptop OS is the basic reason for being so expensive laptop in gaming category?  honestly speaking, OS is not an issue of being so expensive. Operating systems are common for work machines & professional laptops. It can only use the operate your laptop, although plays a key role in the game installation, some high graphics games require the latest version of windows.


If you might think, RAM is a major reason for gaming laptops being so expensive, I think you are 100% right. RAM, which is a random access memory, use to transmit the file quickly can play a vital role in playing arduous games on laptops. The most expensive gaming laptops come with good memory from 32 GB to 128 GB. A better gaming machine is “Asus Rog mothership GZ700” which comes with 128 GB, including Storage 6000 GB of internal memory. Having the specs of 6k GB internal storage is phenomenal. Some machines come with a Hydro overlocking system, which is an awesome innovation.


The lifeline of any gaming laptop is its Processor and you definitely aware of it. Is choosing is a gaming laptop with processors ratings is a good habit, my answer is yes. Whole work station, gaming laptops speed, depends on its installed processor quality, version and generation.

Screen Display?

To calculate all aspects of any laptop, screen dimensions cost you high, so size matters, being an expensive gaming laptop, its display screen dimensions play a role. As you see in the given above list, small screen laptops have less price as compared to other 17.3″ display gaming laptops.

Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?
Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

For eye protection, companies try to improve their display with an eye-friendly UHD display. Poor resolution can put your eyes into danger.

Cache Memory?

Is gaming laptop price depends on a system cache memory? definitely yes. Cache memory play’s a major role in system files operation and your system overall speeds as well. Now make sure, how much cache memory is enough for your laptop? Low memory, less price, high cache memory means a high price gaming laptop.


The most important and essential part of lighting fast gaming laptop is its battery timing. Heavy gaming players love to install a high mAH battery for long-lasting. Is a good battery Cost you high? Some cheap gaming laptops have poor battery timing, the reason is the low rated battery. So in this topic “Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive” laptops battery is also an important factor.


Speaker’s ratings matter a lot while the laptop selection process, but this is not a reason for being so expensive a laptop. So, leave it and move forward. It may impact slighter at the price of laptops.


Hundreds of laptop & PC companies are operating across the globe. Price is different and the reason is product specifications, installed product quality, performance, and versions. Some famous companies’ product has good ratings & reviews like Dell, HP, Lenovo has good ratings in the work station.

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