Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Howdy readers, if you are a professional gamer, then your fundamental necessity is exemplar gadgets overall in this year 2021. So that you can play flawlessly without any interruption. Today I will suggest the 10 best gaming mouse for smooth gaming so stay connected to find out their features as well. Our Top 10 Best Asus Gaming Laptops 2021 will also help you to choose a perfect combination of gaming laptops & mice.

10 Best Gaming Mouse

Asus Rog Spatha
Logitech G900 Chaos
Corsair M65 RGB
Razer Ouroboros
Corsair Scimitar RGB
Corsair Sabre RGB
Razer DeathAdder Chroma
Razer Naga Hex V2
Corsair Ironclaw RGB
Logitech G203 Prodigy

1. Asus Rog Spatha

Spatha mouse is indeed a splendid creation by Asus. It is all packed up with massive features and thumb buttons that comprise fully programmable buttons along with Alph switches, these buttons are organized in a classy way to create a portrayal of the organic Rog eye. Moreover, the stunning body is designed in a way to develops comfortability and easiness for the user. The mouse flows with butter smoothness. You can use the mouse back to back even when the battery requires charging.

All you need to do is to begin charging the mouse and use it during charging. The mouse performance wouldn’t be affected during charging. And once the mouse is charged, you can use a high-speed wireless connection with low latency so you can use the mouse for high data throughput and ensure the movements to track accurately. One of the best & finest 2021 gaming mouse lists is shared, grab a premium one.

The mouse is in an angular design that stuns out really well while the LED light effects can also be customized on the scroll wheel along with the side buttons and the ROG logo with a variety of colors. And what’s more? You can easily switch the socket design to upgrade the mouse with the easy swap switchable design of the gadget. All you need to do for upgrading, the mouse is to unscrew the bottom screws that are four in number when figured, release the top cover of the mouse and there you get access to the socket then. On the list of 10 Best Gaming Mouse, that one placed at 1st position.

10 Best Gaming Mouse
10 Best Gaming Mouse

Moreover, the mouse can be used with or without the wire with 820 varieties with 150 IPS. SPATHA is a three-zone customizable mouse that is 7.3×4.5×6.5 inches in size with a weight of 6.2 ounces only. The mouse obviously requires 1 Lithium polymer battery to function. You will undoubtedly experience a smoothly gliding mouse with magnesium alloy at the bottom plate that moves skillfully on any of the veneers without bothering you. The next one I’m going to present will also impress you with the features.

2. Logitech G900 Chaos

Mostly I feel comfortable while working on the laptop keyboard and using its touchpad. But when I want to do a really important task, I prefer using a truly excellent mouse. Though I have other mice too, yet I prefer my super selection Logitech G900. This mouse is my favorite of all time because the features it contains are not easy to be found in any other mouse. Yes, that’s right! This mouse comprises RGB lighting along with the essential left and right clicks.

You will see the scroll wheel on the mouse along with a pair of buttons behind the wheel, so you can switch the sensitivity on the fly. Want to know more? This mouse is wireless and contains an optical sensor. The feature that I love most of all is its light in different colors that please me while working. However, the actual main feature that has increased the mouse’s sale is its latency whether with or without wire.

Moreover, the mouse is fully handy to use. Any left-handed person like me can use it skillfully and if you keep switching the sides, it will still leave you speechless. I have also remapped the buttons according to my ease. What is even better is that the mouse functions really well whether it is wired or not and runs on a rough space really well. The aim of sharing the top 10 best gaming mouse list, to help gamers, they can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. In 2021, you have multi options to buy your tech & gaming stuff online.

Furthermore, there are two modes of the scroll wheel: locked mode and unlocked mode. The locked mode is where you can observe each incision of the surface and the unlocked mode makes you move the mouse wheel freely.
So what’s more is needed in a mouse then?

3. Corsair M65 RGB

M65 RGB mouse arrives in a lighter weight than the predecessors. If we count up the weight, all it rambles is from 97 up to 115 grams. If we figure it in maximums, it ranges up to 135.5 grams. Moreover, you can customize the weight by adjusting the three adjustable tuning zones. The mouse whiffs the apex level of sensitivity. M65 RGB cackles a 18000dpi optical sensor, which is 50% more precise than the pro-RGB that contains a 12000dpi sensor. The sensitivity level of the mouse is a favorite for all gamers.

The 12000dpi optical sensor provides pixel-precise tracking along with advanced surface calibration support. If I tell you about its body, the exterior body is all formulated from aluminum that comprises a lightweight body, with outstanding durability as well as an optimal mass distribution. This portable mouse is 4.6×2.8×1.5 inches. It compels one Lithium-Ion battery.

The most fascinating component of the mouse is that you can switch to instantly match mouse speed according to your game at speed demands by just taking advantage of on-the-fly DPI. You can undoubtedly take the best time of yours by the steadfastness of the high-capacity Omron switches. So why you should go with some other mouse if you have the best deal in front of you?

4. Razer Ouroboros

Razer Ouroboros gives incredible performance when experts have tested it during difficult gaming strides. You can customize your Razer Ouroboros from an adjustable palm rest of the mouse to the rival side panels. No matter what is the hand shape and size, Ouroboros comprehends how to fix itself in the player’s hand. It comprises of the most progressive and all-new 8200dpi 4G laser sensor. The mouse flows buttery smooth and halts exactly where you want.

The mouse doesn’t only function with the cable, but it is also wireless, battery-operated so you can relish the peak of gaming when you are sitting away from your gaming PC. Well, every gamer loves a mouse like this! I always keep on rejoicing the game I’m playing on, without any disruption at all. This is because I can charge my mouse with a USB cable while playing a game whenever I want. This means that you don’t need to leave your game at all!

The plus point is that the enactment doesn’t get pretentious while charging. So enjoy the gaming nonstop! Moreover, you can seek the mouse sensitivity as much as you want. All you have to execute is to hold down the DPI trigger to intensify or diminish the trigger level. As every gamer is crazy about gaming, he always plays constantly so he wants a good play life for the gaming setup too. Razer Ouroboros understands this craze really well. So, it has comprised a single AA battery with an influential running time of 12 hours. This is an ideal gaming time in all.

Besides the AA battery, Razer Ouroboros has four interchangeable magnetic panels with a charging receiver along with the memory profile stick with a USB cord. The response timing of the mouse is 1ms whereas the size of the mouse is from 122mm to 137mm. Ouroboros weighs only 115g. This mouse is indisputably my favorite one from the list of the world’s 10 best gaming mice. Don’t miss out on this one!

5. Corsair Scimitar RGB

Scimitar RGB is fascinatingly stylish. It slays with its unique style that is ideal for any pro gamer.
The mouse body is unique for its side buttons that are 17 programmable buttons in all. You can save 3 profiles directly to the mouse that is a cool feature. The Corsair CUE software backs up a 16000 DPI optical sensor along with RGB lighting. The mouse is packed in splendid packaging that opens like a book.

On the package, there are components of the side buttons that help you to understand the procedure without any reluctance. Moreover, you can easily glimpse at the mouse for satisfaction before you buy it. On the back, you will find an overview of the top side of the mouse. Moreover, there is a warranty mentor along with the hex screwdriver and noise guide.

So the packaging is all striking to make you buy it. If I let out my experience with the mouse, it was entirely impressive as I was astonished to see the features packed stylish mouse in such a great way. It weighs only 147g with the extent of 119.4mm×77mm×42.4mm. The mouse slays in black and yellow from which I have preferred yellow for me. The programmable keys are designed to pro-player specifications for ultra-consistent, tactile acknowledgment along with precise actuation and positioned for critical access during serious raids or absolute shots.

Discussing the design, the Razer logo is on the top of the mouse and the mouse accommodates in the palm. The DPI and two mouse buttons are on the top of the mouse along with a fine rubberized scroll wheel. The single-layered texture of the plastic feels really mellow and magnificent from the top. Besides, the front shows a braided cable of 1.8m that makes it really susceptible to both ends. So, no options for failure! In all, it is a good deal indeed.

6. Corsair Sabre RGB

The Sabre RGB series is super lightweight that is fully accentuated, best for high performance. I consider it to be the most favorite of the 10 best gaming mice that I’m discussing at the moment. Well, that’s because this gadget is totally lightweight, easy to glide, and fast and soft in moments. And that’s what a perfect gamer always wants! Moving ahead, Sabre RGB 1000 DPI offers you the best comfortability along with the 1000 Hz refresh ratio.

The mouse comprises 8 programmable buttons unlike the earliest one and these two buttons are dandy fast responsive in clicking and acting. What’s more, the four-zone 16.8M color backlighting creates a dazzling and inspiring look. If it’s about functionality, you can use CUE software to define the hue and brightness of the system.

You can use the unique four-color pattern or CUE to set up an automatic color cycle with your own choice of speed and palettes. The prominent feature of the mouse is that the high accuracy of smart tracking assistance toils as the best mentor for you.  If you are willing for low DPIs performance, having a large mouse pad, your mouse will react quicker while gaming. So this is the best deal to do long-time gaming with fluency and flawlessness.

7. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer DeathAdder mouse is a splendid innovation with fascinating design and bright lightning. It’s accurately comfortable to clench glide and has accurate sensors too. The buttons of the mouse are simplistic with accurate sensors that can be impersonated for years to come. DeathAdder Chroma is the same in the model as a simple Razer DeathAdder. Dimensionally, DeathAdder Chroma is 5×2.76×1.73 inches in size. The physique of the mouse is slippery. It is purely made with a plastic surface that creates a glossy look, but the slippery body cannot be considered as a drawback.

There are rubbers on the side of the mouse to hold the hand on it, and the scroll wheel is also on the top. Besides, the buttons are five in total. These are the definitive right and left controls along with the scroll wheel as mentioned above. The scroll wheel functions as a third button. This is not all, there are customizable buttons on the left side of the peripheral that is designed with the same actuation. Well, these buttons work consequently as other buttons though they are extra ones.

The IR optical sensor conveys 10000 flawless dpi. There is a synapse program that is pure customization of the program, featuring a particular design structure. The program allows every gamer to create their own handy profile for comfortability. The neon green aesthetic touch on the mouse glorifies its attraction even more. Though the neon didn’t get many votes from all the users, yet the grippy body has gone beyond exception.

Even the boulevardier look of the mouse gives you a relaxing impression. Making you feel eager enough to use, the mouse is designed in such a way as to hold it with a claw or full hand. There is a “W” shape on the front side of the mouse is designed to rest your fingers. Winding up, Razer has unleashed the most comfortable and unique mouse to amuse the gamers.

8. Razer Naga Hex V2

Razer Naga Hex V2 is specifically designed for gamers’ joy and comfort. To beat every competitor and to gain a victory from every opponent is the only desire of a gamer. So he needs perfection in gaming gadgets. Razer series has comprehended this craze and has designed every mouse of the series to fulfill this requirement. As I have illustrated above, the Razer mouse is always ultra-comfortable and durable as well. As for me, I will count all the Razer series mice in the 10 best gaming mouse overall. Naga Hex V2 is ono of course.

It is the best choice for MOBA gamers who are always seeking an advantage. It contains a true 16000 DPI 5G laser sensor. The mouse contains 7 buttons mechanical wheel. This wheel is formulated in a way to h press the exact button without clicking. Moreover, the wheel crops up a cool impression on the mouse. While MOBA gaming, you need a fast and active response with twitch tendencies. The middle grip on the button wheel assures you to retain the grip on the mouse. The mouse comes with a range of pre-configured downloadable designs that are optimized for MOBAS.

Except for this, you can personalize your Naga Hex with mind-blowing colors from the full spectrum of 16.8 million colors. Those who love colors like me would really love this characteristic though. You can also change the shades of colors whenever you want. So, this is an amazing feature, isn’t it? You will never feel bored with your mouse at all. The new ergonomic form factor is also there for you. It fits the most popular playstyle. You can hold the mouse with any grip on any surface however you want. The battery of the mouse is of 1 lithium polymer. The mouse weight is 7 ounces. This is the one from my 10 best gaming mouse lists as mentioned earlier. So, make sure to give it a try.

9. Corsair Ironclaw RGB

The Ironclaw RGB mouse is a piece of curiosity. That’s because of the material used in designing the mouse. The mouse is made with high-quality plastic that is smooth to touch though it can be a bit greasy. However, it wouldn’t be that rough in touch. The hard plastic is also there on both sides of the mouse. The body is all black matte in color. This matte color creates a handsome impression at first sight. Side grips are also there to give a shimmery look. The palm of the mouse along with the primary buttons is also black.

Furthermore, the top buttons also slay in black plastic along with the scroll wheel that is of gripped decent texture to get a hold of your finger. The vertical grille is there in front of the mouse nonetheless the lingering part of the mouse is modest. What’s more, the lighting is slaying for these mouse lovers. However, it cannot be prominent in a well-lighted environment as there is no glow of the RG in the middle of the mouse or among the buttons either.

The body is of 105g of weight with a good handy body, easy to hold in a large hand. The RGB mouse also comes up with a braided cable. Talking about the performance, the mouse sensitivity varies from 100 to 18000dpi. The middle mouse button is however not my favorite. Well, it’s not that bad too. All you need is the forbearance of pressing the central button with a little sort of pressure. The side buttons need less pressure than this one. The glide of the mouse is also smooth and buttery flow. To sum up, overall, it isn’t a bad experience to play with the mouse.

10. Logitech G203 Prodigy

Logitech G203 Prodigy is an accurate mouse with an adequately designed system to obtain perfection in performance. The mouse is a contoured shape, specifically designed to hold on to it with any style. It is also susceptible to glide on even a jagged surface. Even a larger hand can hold it comfortably. The body is entirely convenient consisting of a total weight of 105g. The mouse has the proficiency to disseminate up to 1000 reports per second. It has a speed of more than 8 times that any other mice.

That means when you move the mouse on the pad, the movement on the screen would be 8 times faster than any other mouse. Again, as I have asserted earlier, the color feature is my all-time favorite in any mouse. The same is the case here. I love the color scheme of 16.8 million colors with thousands of different shades so you can select your favorite shade and brightness.

The most enjoyable feature isn’t it? Moreover, you can configure any of the six buttons for gameplay from the mouse. The mouse is cumulative of your choice. Furthermore, you can switch a maximum of 5 sensitivity buttons if you use on-the-fly DPI shifting. Consisting of 2 Lithium polymer batteries, the mouse holds a weight of 5.6 ounces packing millions of colors and elegant features. G203 Prodigy has dimensions of 1.5×2.5×4.6 inches, slaying in a black appealing color.

Summing Up!

There are many mice of different brands that attract and astonish you with the packed features. However, I have stated all my favorite 10 best gaming mouse in 2021 that stands prominent among others. Starting from the Razer series to Logitech, Asus and Corsair as well, they excel one another in their properties and charms. So which one of them inspired you the most?

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