Asus Rog Mothership GZ700

Asus Rog Mothership GZ700: Gamers should love to buy it

When you plan to buy a gaming laptop, some various questions come to your mind. Which company’s features are very good at what company’s prices are in? We share with you a great laptop for your ease and better guidance. Asus Rog Mothership GZ700 is a prime gaming laptop in 2020 you should definitely love with this slim, smart, super fast machine. Let’s look at what new features are in it;

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[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#FF0000″] Intel® Core™ i9 9980HK Processor.
[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#FF0000″] O/S: Windows 10 & 10 pro.
[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#FF0000″] Chipset is Intel® HM370 Express.
[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#FF0000″] Display: 17.3″ (16:9) LED-backlit FHD (1920×1080).
[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#FF0000″] Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080.
[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#FF0000″] Awesome Illuminated chiclet keyboard.
[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#FF0000″] Built-in FHDWebcam.
[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#FF0000″] Heavy-duty 6 -Cell 90 Wh Battery.
[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#FF0000″] Weight is 4.8 kg.
[icon icon=”arrow-right” color=”#FF0000″] VR Ready Laptop.

Asus is calling out to all the gamers out there who want a power pack performance in a small setup. This spectacular gaming laptop is the easiest to set up along with its handy and foldable keyboard which can be separated from the screen and used as wireless or can be used via wire as well in close spaces. Its customization is what makes it valuable from other laptops.

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Asus Rog Mothership GZ700

Hidden behind this well-packaged machine is a powerful GPU having a GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card, generated by NVIDIA which provides excellent graphics and gaming experience. This laptop is an incredible design from Asus that is probably going to change the path for gamers’ community with an efficient Intel Core I9-9980HK CPU. It comes with a 17.3 inches screen with 1080p resolution, supports up to 144Hz and supports G sync technology as well which means there won’t be any visual disturbances or lags during gaming.


At the lower end of the screen are two buttons which, when pressed, with the screen standing, lead to the opening of the stand at the back which helps in supporting the weight of the screen. Playing as a trump card of this laptop is its cooling properties where ventilators are situated on the top of the screen to emit heat instead of emitting on to the surface where the laptop is sitting. This futuristic and powerful technology is what every champion needs for better performance.

Asus Rog Mothership GZ700
Asus Rog Mothership GZ700

Asus Rog Mothership GZ700 is a complete package and heavy games lover would prefer this machine. Although, a lot of famous brands providing specific gaming laptops which is a good sign. Finding the best Asus gaming laptop is not a joke, Google has provided its solution. These kinds of clear reviews, brief information can solve this mystery and it can be handy for you.

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